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Fans of Marvel's Doctor Doom

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A community for posting fanworks, meta and discussion about Marvel's Doctor Doom.
A community for fans of Marvel's Doctor Doom.

For Doom-related fanworks, icons, meta and comics discussion, and anything else you think might interest fellow Doom fans. If it concerns any version of Doctor Doom - classic Marvel, Ultimate Universe, movies, cartoons, computer games, action figures - then it's on topic here.


Your mod does not share Doom's desire to rule with an iron fist, so just a few simple posting guidelines:
1. Adult or non-worksafe content should go behind an lj-cut, and be clearly marked as such.

2. Images of larger than 300x300 and batches of more than 4 icons should also go behind a cut.

3. A spoiler cut is required if you're posting about comics published in the last three months. Beyond that, use your judgement, and remember that it's never bad to err on the side of caution. The fact that Doctor Doom appears in a given issue is not considered a spoiler on this comm.

4. You can post Doom-related scans here, but please don't include more than two or three pages from any single issue. Do not provide, ask for, or tell people how to find pirated copies of whole comics.

5. Keep it friendly. It's fine to criticize writers, artists and storylines you don't like, or defend the ones that you do; please don't attack other people for holding a different opinion.

Now, go forth and celebrate the glory that is Doom!
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